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How do I register if I want to get an apartment from Heba Fastighets AB?

Hi heba,
Me and my two children are looking for an apartment for long term.
How do i register if i want to get an apartment from heba?


  • Hello there Julie,

    Thank you for your interest in HebaFastighets AB.

    We currently have no avalible apartments. We do not share our apartments ourselfes because we are letting Stockholm Housing manage them for us.
    All our available apartments are accessible for search there. We use a queuing system through them.

    Please note that we have some short-term contracts, and they are also accessible through the Housing Service.

    The Stockholm Housing Agency (Stockholms Bostadsförmedling)

    If you have further questions you can contact our
    customer service at: 08-442 44 00.

    Have a nice day.

    Best regards
    (Uppdaterad )

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